Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

When did we start loving subscriptions? I have taken my spin with the beauty box subscriptions and I have finally found one I can get behind, and it’s all thanks to Bright Cellars.

After setting up an Instagram account to supplement the Wine Not? blog, I received a follow announcement from Bright Cellars.  I visited their page, and learned that they were a wine club, that would match you to wines based on other things you enjoy.  Naturally I took the quiz, as I was intrigued.

After completing the quiz, you are matched with 4 wines each month.  You can skip a month, or cancel your subscription at any time.  Sixty dollars monthly buys your wine, and comes with a customized Bright Points rating based on your preferences.  The best part?  If you don’t love a wine in your box, your personalized wine conceriege will help you pick a complimentary bottle to be included in your next month’s subscription.

The Bright Cellars team tastes wine each month, and only 1 in 12 bottles is selected to be included in subscriptions.  Wines are curated from around the world highlighting such places as Portugal, South America (my favorite), Italy and more.

I placed my order after receiving my wine matches.  I’ll admit, I was very excited to see a chardonnay from Chile featured, as you know from my Matetic Vineyard blog.  I took the plunge, and was immediately matched to a wine concierge that sent me details on my tracking, and offered up help at each step.  I was also kept abreast of where my shipment was via my wine concierge, who even let me know when it was delayed.  The wine arrived and included a temperature serving chart, as well as fun packing materials. Here’s what came in my subscription:

Wine temperature chart.
Fun packaging!
The best sticker.
July Wine Experience.

I absolutely recommend trying Bright Cellars.  Their customer service experience alone is worth it.  In reality, you’re paying less than $20 per bottle, which is a steal for good wine.  You also get a referral code, allowing you to earn bonus bottles.

When it comes to Bright Cellars, the answer is Wine Not?

Do you have a Bright Cellars subscription?  Let us know and keep up with the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Coby's Conscience says:

    I’ll stick to my $3.75/bottle Trader Joe’s Chardonnay. I enjoy the feeling of regret I have every time I take a sip.

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