City Winery: An in-depth look.

Can you imagine a winery with no vineyard in sight? Meet City Winery; the urban winery popping up in metro areas across the country.

City Winery was founded in 2008 by CEO Michael Dorf in New York City, and have expanded to Chicago and Nashville, with plans to open in Atlanta and Boston this year.  The concept is one that marries the art of wine-making with good food and nightly entertainment.  Nashville’s location boasts 400 wines to choose from including those made by CW.  The wine list changes every two months, to keep things fresh for customers.  Restaurant patrons have the unique pleasure of choosing from 14 different wines that are on tap; a process and perfected by City Winery.  The menu draws inspiration from Italian, French, Spanish and Middle Easter cuisine.  Reservations are preferred, but never fear if you forget to call ahead; City Winery will do their best to work you in.

In addition to serving lunch and dinner daily, City Winery acts as a venue for nightly concerts and events.  Concert goers are encouraged to arrive when the doors open to enjoy dinner in their seats prior to the show’s start.  Those who do not get their fill can still enjoy drink and dinner service throughout the event.

On to the wine.  City Winery produces the wines they sell on tap, making specific blends for each of its different locations.  For example, Nashville boasts a Two Rivers Chardonnay.  House wines change every two months, or until they run out.  Fall Crush Season is a busy time, where large scale production takes place at each location.  City Winery also offers the option to have specialty wine labels created for various events that happen in the space, so guests have the option of purchasing a memento of the evening.

Unique to Nashville is a partnership with Tennessee Brew Works.  Those scheduling a wine tasting also have the option to book a dual tour and tasting of each facility.  Tours are offered on the select days and include three wines paired with a cheese plate.  Visitors looking to experience Tennessee Brew Works receive a 16 ounce pint and commemorative glass along with their tour.

If you’re visiting Nashville and want to pair your wine with great music and food, look to City Winery. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

City Winery Nashville.  Wine Not?



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  1. coti says:

    My blog post tomorrow is about an event coming here. I need to link to this, it’s great! 🙂

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    1. Wine Not? says:

      Please do! City Winery is wonderful.

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      1. coti says:

        I did! 🙂 it’ll be up around 9 am tomorrow.


      2. Wine Not? says:

        Can’t wait!


  2. Looks like a very cool place. Check out our Napa Valley blog if you like:


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