Matetic Vineyards: Chile’s Sustainable Winery

Have you ever visited a Chilean Vineyard?  If not, make sure you add Matetic Vineyards to your list.

Nestled in the San Antonio appellation, Jorge Matetic planted Syrah in 1999, a challenge given the cool-climate.  Since then, the company has set off to be one of the top cool-climate wineries in the world.

I had the pleasure of spending the day at Matetic, and the wonderful people who take such pride in their work.  The winery is focused on being sustainable; product waste goes right back into the vineyard, feeding the soil.  Organic agriculture is practiced. This means there are no pesticides or herbicides, instead using compost and a “predator and prey” relationship with the animals that live on the property.  As such they are certified organic by the Institue for Marketecology.

Biodynamic agriculture is yet another unique feature to the winery.  In short, the process means that farms, or in this case, vineyards, create all fertilizer and food on the farm, without introducing outside materials.  Planting is also synced with moon and planetary cycles, in addition to applying waste, as I mentioned above, back into the soil.  By practicing this method, Demeter has certified Matetic Biodynamic.

About a year ago, I jetted off to Santiago, Chile.  I immediately feel in love with the country and it’s people. When my group visited Matetic, it was evident that the family took pride in their work.  The process and importance of producing wine sustainably was presented, creating investment in the method.  After the formal presentation, we hopped aboard a bus, and wound through the hills to overlook the vineyard.  Here we saw the technique in practice moving from grape to wine.  We were treated to a tasting, where the difference in sustainably produced wine was explained through the tasting notes.  The day was topped off with a traditional Chilean meal, paired with Corralillo Syrah.

Matetic Wines are highly awarded.  I love them all, but the Syrah was absolutely wonderful.  Close to one year after bringing home a bottle, I shared my experience with this beautiful wine with my husband.  The flavors were as I remembered; complex with notes of blackberry, and immediately, I was back in the vineyard looking over the vines.  As of now, Matetic exports to California, New York and Chicago.  My hope is that one day, it is more widely available so everyone can experience Matetic’s unique wines.

When it comes to Chile and Matetic, the answer is Wine Not?

Have you tried Matetic? Let me know your thoughts, and keep up with the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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