The Canned Wine Revolution

Have you noticed canned wine popping up on the shelves?  In light of the trend, I decided to do a little research.

According to Business Insider, canned wine sales have doubled over the past year by 125.2%.  That’s huge, so why the popularity?  According to Danelle Kolman of Nielsen, it’s due to increased visibility; something that I’ve definitely noted lately.  The brand most visible here in Nashville is Underwood by Union Wine Company, who’s doubled sales since 2014 in both cans and bottles.  Their inspiration drew from the craft beer trend, and the desire to make wine less high brow.  The rise also has to do with the convenience factor.  It’s a perfect on-the-go treat that can be taken to the pool or on a picnic.  There’s also the growing number of millennials sipping vino to consider. 159.6 million cases, or 42% overall wine consumption of 2015 was attributed to the generation.  Listening to this voice, wine makers have catered to popular views like environmentally friendly packaging.

I personally have been intrigued since I saw it on the shelves of Lucky’s on a trip to visit family.  I decided to pass, given the $7.99 price tag for one individual can.  In the spirit of research, and because I’m a sucker for something trendy, I gave the Underwood Pinot Grigio a spin this week; now I’m hooked.  The taste wasn’t affected at all, and I was surprised by how long it lasted.  We spend a lot of time on the water during the summer, and canned wine is much easier to toss into the cooler, plus, no cups needed.  I’m still hesitant about the price; $7.99 per can is a bit much for me.  For now, I think I’ll stick to it for summer activities, instead of sipping on the couch.

What are your thoughts on canned wine?  Let us know, and keep up with the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Canned wine? Wine Not?



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