DeBarge: Urban Winery & Tasting Room

Ever been to an urban winery?  DeBarge Winery in  Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great place to get your feet wet.

A few blocks behind the Chattanooga  Choo-Choo, you’ll find DeBarge nestled in the Southside neighborhood.  In addition to tasting, guests can also tour the winery to gain an in-depth look at the wine-making process.  Grapes are sourced from a nearby vineyard in North Georgia, resulting in 12 wines total, most with names reflective of the city and vineyard.

My group was greeted by Tim who was very knowledgeable on not only DeBarge’s wines, but wine as a whole.  One helpful tip was to buy wines from 2015; a good year according to Tim.  Those at the tasting bar were presented with a complete list of DeBarge’s signature wines, and chose five to taste.  On my list: Cloudland White, Oregon Riesling, Southside Blush, Labyrinth and American Syrah.  I’m partial to Syrah, so it ranked highest.  The Cloudland White and Labyrinth are their white and red blends, respectively.  Both were wonderful, but the Labyrinth stood out.  Wines are currently only available for purchase at DeBarge or at Imbibe Chattanooga.

DeBarge is a relaxed, informative tasting.  Wine experts and novices alike will surely enjoy their visit.  When it comes to visiting DeBarge, Wine Not?

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